I met Bill Howard back in the year 2000 through a program that a friend told me about called Men’s Fraternity. It couldn’t have come along at a better time for me. I was a single, 30 year-old professing Christian that had grown up in church but quit going to church when my parents quit going. I had only the most basic understanding of the gospel and what it truly meant to be a Christian. My life was in desperate need of a spiritual slap in the face. As the leader of the Men’s Fraternity group, Bill walked us through the Christian principles of what it means to be a son, a husband and a father, unfolding the gospel in a way that I had never heard before. By the end of the program, I was so hungry to learn more that I asked Bill if there were any other studies I could join. Over the course of the next 15 years, Bill would lead me through bible studies, apologetics courses and pre-marital and marital counseling. Bill and his wife Terri have been amazing friends and mentors for me and my wife. They helped us lay the foundation for a Christ centered marriage…and have advised and counseled us as Christian parents. I am eternally grateful for Bill Howard’s friendship and his ministry. I truly believe that God led me to Bill so that Bill could lead me to Him.
— Chris Dubois

I have known Terri for over 16 years. She has always been a bright light of encouragement to me. She was my first mentor. I met her during my single years and she soon became God’s hands, feet and voice of reason for me. She was my road bump when I needed one. She helped me slow down and evaluate where I was going and why I was heading down certain paths. She spoke truth in my life that kept me from making mistakes that would change the rest of my life. She would start off most of of hers answers with, “Well…let’s see what God has to say about that.” Then she would open her Bible and we would dive into it. She has been lovingly honest with me and I will forever be grateful to her for all of her love and patience.
— Stephanie Rainey

One of the highlights of my life was meeting Bill Howard about 20 years ago when he was considering a staff position with Search Ministries. We realized from the very beginning that we had the same DNA in wanting to reach people for Christ & help them get launched in their faith. Bill has an amazing ability to get next to people sensitively and courageously in conversation about spiritual issues. My wife Linda and I were part of Family Life Marriage Conferences with Bill and Terri for 12 years. Their marriage and their family are a very special dance to watch-so solid and so deep.
Since Bill’s stroke I have been with him on several occasions and spoken with him often. He seems to be completely recovered in his ability to think and communicate his message-in this next phase only deeper than before because of his recent stroke experience! I feel that his future ministry will be even more impacting and powerful than before.
— John Willett, Search Ministries, Greensboro, NC

Gwen and I have known Bill and Terri Howard for close to thirty years and are thrilled to have this opportunity to share our love for them and our overwhelming approval of their ministry. They have consistently lived their lives with integrity, confidence and grace. We have seen their marriage and their faith grow even stronger in the last few years since Bill’s stroke.

Each time we visit Bill and Terri in Nashville we are amazed by their strength and excited by Bill’s physical improvement. The difficulties they have faced and the problems they are overcoming provide a platform for ministry that most of us will never share. Their modeling of a Christian marriage has become even more meaningful. Their knowledge and ability to understand and explain the Scriptures has grown even deeper. Their example of Christ-likeness in the face of great difficulty is vastly more effective.

We are blessed to know them as friends and co-laborers in ministry. We fully endorse their ministry abilities and applaud their commitment to the Lord’s service. We highly recommend that you take advantage of the gifts God has given them to share with others.
— Ed & Gwen Diaz - Executive Directors, 71:17 Ministries

Terri Howard is a true gem!! God has blessed her with immeasurable wisdom and a willingness to share it with others to come alongside them and encourage them in their walk with the Lord. I feel so blessed that she has poured into me and given of her precious time to give me godly insights on my marriage and parenting. She has such a knack of seeing God’s bigger picture and has countless times pointed me to see it through her deep understanding of God’s abounding love and grace. My life has been forever changed because of her mentorship, and I truly feel so honored to call her a friend.
— Shellye Geshke

Bill Howard was brought into life by, nothing less than divinity. As a man in his late 30s, I’ve been searching (yearning, really) for a deeper understanding of purpose and meaning and longing for an actionable way to grow my faith. Bill has provided me with that, and so much more. He’s helped me develop a personal relationship with Christ and find comfort in His love. He’s presented Christ to me in the context of the gospel, not in the context of conventional “religion” and for me, that has made all the difference. Bill has and continues to provide knowledge, fellowship, friendship and counsel. He has an intimate knowledge of the bible and its fundamentals and is able to distill messages and teachings in such a way that they are personally relevant and easy to understand….into “bite sized pieces” so to speak. I look forward to my weekly sessions with Bill and am always hungry for more of his spiritual guidance. In a year when I’ve lost my Father, navigated a career transition and am still settling into being a new husband, Bill has been a blessing when I needed it most. He’s an inspiration and a true man of Christ. I am proud to call him a friend and grateful to have him guide my journey to grow closer to Christ.
— Marcus Schultz

I have known Terri and Bill for more than 11 years and first met them in the context of pre-marital counseling. I saw Terri as something I wanted to be one day- a stay at home mom with four happy kids. Its been neat how the Lord has shaped our friendship in the different seasons of both of our lives that life was much more than being a wife and mom and it wasn’t as easy as it seemed.

I love how Terri has come alongside me and help me navigate the little and big things of life. She has helped me realize what matters and what my role as a daughter of Christ, mother and wife looks like and sometimes it is counter cultural.

There are so many things to love about Terri but I really appreciate her transparency in her walk and the ups and downs of her life. She makes me want to push thru and work on the icky things that comes along and realize that God has written my story with no errors.

Terri started out as a mentor but she is so much more than that- she is a dear friend and a faithful daughter of Christ.
— Katherine Paxton

I met Bill Howard in 1995 when I attended a class that he was teaching on what the bible says about being an authentic man, husband and father. Bill’s ability to teach the scriptures, while living a real and honest life, is such a unique trait. It continues to inspire me to dig deep into my own life and find answers to the hard questions. Since then, Bill and his wife Terri, have come along side me and my wife to encourage, mentor and support us as we navigate marriage and raising children. The Howard’s devotion to following Christ continues to be one of the strongest influences in my life and the life of my family.
— David Smith

By the grace and provision of God, I was led to Bill Howard and his ministry nearly 8 years ago. Bill has helped me develop the basic fundamentals of my faith and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Through his teachings, I have built a concrete and Biblical understanding of what it really means to know God’s plan for my life. I have learned to how to pray and communicate with God and to boldly share the Gospel with others. I have also learned the true definition of a man that is anchored in Christ. I am humbled and honored to know Bill and to call him a dear brother, mentor, and friend.
— Matt Tant

Bill Howard has had a profound impact on my life over the course of the last 10 years. He has served as a trusted mentor and friend and has helped me on my walk with Christ more than any person I have ever known. Through studies and groups I have participated in, I have grown exponentially and I am forever grateful for the investment Bill has made in me. In addition to the groups and studies, Bill has made an investment of one on one time meeting with me and I cannot recommend him enough. Finally, Bill and Terri have made an investment in my marriage and have shared their years of wisdom in ways that have forever impacted my marriage. They the most talented and knowledgable experts on marriage that I have ever met. Any time with the Howards is a great blessing and I highly recommend anyone I know to spend time with them. Thank you both for the impact you have had on my life and marriage.
— Micah Lacher

I simply cannot overstate the impact that Bill Howard has had on my life. I met Bill when I was a young married guy trying to put together the pieces of my life - from career to marriage to faith, and more. I could never have imagined the path Bill would direct me down that would ultimately lead me to a clear understanding of Christianity and what it means to be in a relationship with Christ (not religion!). He has taught me what a man looks like and how live that out as a servant leader. ACTION ITEM: Get on Bill’s calendar in any way you can - one on one or in a small group setting. Whether you’re still trying to figure our who God is, why you are here, where you’re going when it’s over, or how to live as a man in this crazy world in all of your roles as a husband, father, son, friend, etc. Bill can help in ways you never imagined were available.
— Andy Sperry

Bill Howard and I became friends in college when our lives collided in a setting where he was exploring the great questions of life as a seeker. He was authentic, focused, had sincere intent, hungry for truth, fun and winsome. He found a good place to be in Jesus Christ. It was my privilege to walk beside him then. Now he provides that same “space” for others to explore the big God, life and man questions with all the same qualities I saw in him in 1979 - but with a lot of maturity. In fact, he has been effectively doing that with men since then and with great love for these men and skill. Bill provides clarity that yields a break-through for other men in their lives. Pursue is more than a noun for Bill... it’s a life-verb.
— -Jon Strain, Search Boise